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Shree Vishwakarma Shakti Mandal

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Wembley, UK.

We are devotees of Shree Vishwakarma Dada.  

Shree Vishwakarma Shakti Mandal U.K. (Wembley.) is a charity organisation formed in October  2004.

The primary objective of this charity organisation is to worship our Diety Shree Vishwakarma,  in the U.K.

The activities of this charity organisation are generally for the benefit of the public at large and in particular local communities that require religious activities to fullfill their daily lives in believing in Shree Vishwakarma .

We are hoping that with our activities we will be able to acquire a functional community Centre, where many religious or non-religious activities would take place. It will be primarily a worship place for Shree Vishwakarma, where Bhajans, Elderly care and other community activities can take place and that which would help the local community.

Once we have a Centre, we would be able to help elderly care, Youth Training programmes, Tours, and Giving other charities to help them in their cause for the world to be a better place.

Our Mission Statement:

To keep and enhance the quality of life for our communities through Worship services, Stewardship of resources, Projects and Shared responsibility by providing affordable and suitable worship Centre named Shree Vishwakarma Mandir, that would inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge and strengthen our communities through teachings of Upanishad.

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